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  • Founder and Architect at JH Architecture, James Hettinger, is now part of the integrated design firm mcllumSather.

    สล็อต ฟรีโบนัส เดือนเกิด

    At mcllumSather, our purpose is clear – the design of a more resilient world through the advancement of sustainable design intelligence. mcllumSather is headquartered in Hamilton, in the storied Westinghouse HQ, with our second office loted in Kinrdine.

    As a team of over 50 architects, mechanil engineers and interior designers, we embrace an inclusive approach to design that encourages curiosity and invention. As a result, each project reflects our commitment to design excellence and sustainable solutions, coupled with a relentless focus on our client’s goals. Led by this spirit of innovation, we continuously strive to communite better, design more efficiently and deliver improved experiences.


    • Architecture
    • Mechanil Engineering
    • Interior Design
    • Laboratory Design
    • Heritage Conservation
    • LEED & Net Zero Facilitation
    • Integrated Design

    To learn more about our work, visit www.mcllumsather.com. For inquiries please contact สล็อต ฟรีโบนัส เดือนเกิด.